Monday, January 7, 2019

BuildBox Complete Tutorial In Urdu Hindi For Beginners #1

Scene Editor

Scene editor is main window where you can edit your main scene.
Scene Editor

Scene Tree

In Scene Tree you can select or edit object/action/foreground/background which are used in current scene.

Assets Panel

In Assets Panel you can see different assets which are used in you whole project. Ex: Characters, Objects, Actions, Effects, Logic and Labels. 

Character Tab :
In Characters Tab you will see all characters which you are using in your project.
In Objects Tab you will see all objects which you can use as Enemy, Platform, Decoration, Bullets etc.

Effects Tab :
In Effects Panel you will see five different effects:
1, Light
2, Trail
3, Flag
4, Particle
5, Mirror

Logic Tab :
In Logic Tab you will see five different logics:
1, Transfor
2, Portal
3, Gatekeeper
4, Path
5, Menu Jump

Labels Tab :
In Lables you will see only one option as default font.

Properties Panel

In Properties/Setting Panel you can modify different objects, characters, platforms, decoration options.  

Mind Map

In Mind Map you can see two type of windows
1, Menu Window
2, World Window

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