Friday, March 22, 2019

Buildbox Heyzap Mediation With Admob Applovin Leadbolt in Android Studio

Android Studio 3.3.2 SDK Platforms installed in Android Studio : 19,21,22,23,25,26,28 SDK Tools installed : Android SDK Platform Tool 28.0.2 Android SDK Tool 26.1.1 Google Play APK Expansion Library 1 Google Play Instant Development SDK 1.6.0 Google Play Licensing Library 1 Google Play Services 49 Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer) 7.3.2 All Support Repositories.

Hi, guys I was searching about Heyzap integration in Buildbox all over the internet (Facebook, Youtube) etc.
but I never found.
So then I decided to do it myself.
From now on just follow my steps.
First of all, make Android Project in Buildbox and remember in Project Settings click on Advertisements Tab, Select Application Store as "Google Play Store" and Enter only Heyzap Publisher ID.

after that save as android project file. Now you can close Buildbox.
Android Studio
Open Android Studio and make sure it's updated. My Android Studio Version is 3.3.2.
After opening the Android Studio Open Exiting Package and select the Android file from the folder where you saved it.

If you see this error

go to
Gradle.Script and open build.gradle (Project android)

Change these lines from

Change these lines from
and press Try Again

You will get this error and a warning.

Now Open App/manifests/androidmanifest.xml
and delete Line#7.

Now Open Heyzap Website on Android Sdk and select 3 Networks
Open Gradle.Script (Project:android)
Scroll down and copy maven repository code and paste it in project android right after Google maven repository.

Open Gradle.Script (Module App)
Scroll down and in dependencies tag, Line No. 31,32,33 change all dependency commands from 'compile' to 'implementation'.

Copy heyzap dependency from Heyzap Website.

and paste right after
// More deps here //

Update dependencies. Scroll up and change
compileSdkVersion 28 or updated
buildToolsVersion "28.0.3" or updated
minSdkVersion 16 or updated
targetSdkVersion 28 or updated

Update all activities from Heyzap Website in Androidmanifest.xml file.

At Last Delete PTAdHeyzap.jar file from your android folder.
Example; Android/app/libs/PTAdHeyzap.jarNow click on Make A Project and if it ends without error then create your apk.

You can watch the complete video of Heyzap Mediation With Admob Applovin Leadbolt

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